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Plug in a graphic designer to your team on an as-needed basis.

Graphics are a pain. Who has time to design a  logo, get the Instagram and Facebook out, redo the website hero, fire off some email blasts, maybe supporting direct mail, oh and the trade show booth and giveaway swag? ... turns out – I do! 

Hi!  My name is Doug Glick –  full-time, pro,  freelance graphic designer accepting projects of all types and sizes.  I would love to chat about what you're up to and how we can make it look better.

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Social Media Ad Design
Facebook Carousel

Branding and Logo Design

Brochure Design

Print catalog design for a veterinary health supplement catalog
Print design.  Catalog for a audio technology company
Tradeshow booth design

Tradeshow Booth Design

apparel design for a BJJ Rashguard

Apparel Design & Promotional Items

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