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Hi there - my name is Doug Glick and I'm a full-time freelance graphic designer. At one point back in the late 90's I acquired a bachelors in design and I've been doing it professionally ever since.


I'm based out of the Philly suburbs but I work for people across the country. (No one from Hawaii yet though - let's go Hawaii.)


I'm a one-guy shop so you'll be dealing with me directly. I drink too much coffee and I'm a recovering Philly sports fan.


The short version is - if it gets printed, or if it's a digital graphic of some kind, and you need it created, tweaked, or reworked, I can probably help.


 Trade show booths to truck wraps, billboards to catalogs - and all the ads, mailers, logos, and perplexing photoshop requests in between. Website graphics, social media image upgrades, email campaigns - you get the idea.


Don't get the idea? No worries, I don't either sometimes. Call me and ask - I pick up the phone!


Most jobs go something like this. You call me about your job.We talk it over briefly and I send you an estimate. If you like the estimate we get started on the design bit.  We go back and forth via email until you're happy. A project clock is included with each proof so you are always aware of your costs.

Once everything is to your liking I send you a file ready to go online, to your printer, etc. At the end of the job I send you an invoice for $62 per hour. It will be due in 30 days - checks only please!

A few samples...
Get Started
Think you might want to work together?  Get in touch with me and let's talk it over!
I'm available at or by phone at: 610-724-3280.
completely cherry-picked (but genuine) client email

First – thanks for being such a great designer and making me look so good. I’m in London with Steph, we talked about you for a bunch over drinks. So easy to work with, no BS, and only 2 tries on the logo!!  So many people claim to be a designer today, they just know how to use all the digital tools. So – thanks – because you’re on my team, and I found you, so that’s good for me. -- B.G.

Hello.  Thanks for the proofs - and THIS IS why we come to you!!  : )  Great re-think on these!  We love them! - and we approve them as you've sent them.  You're awesome. -- T.A.

My Goosebumps and little baby Goosebumps when I opened the file with the rivets on version 2. --I.C.

Holy f'ing amazing. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M NOT GOING TO SHOW ANYONE YET!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL BE OUR GRAND OPENING DISPLAY. BIG BIG BIG BIG DEAL THIS ART IS THAT YOU JUST MADE!!!!!!!!!! Doing tiny flips in my chair (not really, can't do that.) Thank you sooooooooooooooo much. --R.P.

The girl I spoke to at Vistaprint said she has never seen a file that was uploaded that didn't require some type of editing on their end.  Yours went right through with no edits.  Awesome. --B.B.

That looks great! Question...why are you so professional, creative, awesome, and about your business?! --J.C.

WOW that is fantastic! I forwarded this to my buddy for his thoughts and we both agreed the Background and lettering color is spot on. As far as feed back I'm afraid we have none,we like it as it is. Well done! it. My secretary likes  it.  Bill likes it ...and I like you for doing it for me.-- J.M.


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